In Search of the Perfect, Cozy Work Outfits to Survive Every Conference Call

Working from home (WFH) could be tricky for some, mostly when you have to look ready anytime to accept conference call from colleagues and clients.
You certainly do not want to ruin an important business call by appearing on screen looking like a potato couch in some random pajamas you haven’t changed for two days. Yes but, really, who in the world dresses up just for staying home all day?
Picking the right outfit for the WFH is really tough. It should be neat enough to show respect to your business partners during conference calls, but to some extent comfortable enough to let you slide easily to the fridge to get some ice cream. You will need some tricks to get the perfect outfit that can do both. Simply follow these steps below and unlock the “Most Fashionable Business Partner At Home” title:
#1 Pay attention to the fabric
Stay comfortable with lightweight and versatile fabric such as cotton and linen. You can opt for the fancy-yet-comfy cotton basketweave jacket from Max Mara Weekend:
Source: Max Mara Weekend
or the chic linen peacoat from Emporio Armani: 
Source: Emporio Armani
#2 Make some room, please
It is essential for your outfit to be roomy so you can move effortlessly. Forget the body-fitting pieces or flattering details that do nothing but restrict your movement. Women's Celete Coat in Antique Pink by The Row may look bulky, but it is made from lightweight cashmere and tailored in minimalist design you would wear all day all night:
Source: The Row
#3 Be utilitarian
It’s okay if you can’t seem to take your t-shirt off while at home; just make sure you have your versatile outerwear at reach. Pick something simple like a vest or cotton blazer for a quick fashion rescue. Victoria Beckham’s tuxedo gilet is one good inspiration:
Source: Victoria Beckham
Also, this Ania compact cotton jacket from Stella McCartney is a subtle statement you can’t resist:
Source: Stella McCartney
#4 What stays at home, stays at home.
It is tolerable not to try too hard to look stylish at home, nevertheless. Make yourself extra comfortable in a knitted sweater, poncho, or kimono to look effortlessly chic. Wear your best sweater like this kimono sleeve knitted jumper by J.W. Anderson like a pro:
Source: J. W. Anderson

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