Quarantine Wardrobe: An Ode To Satin Shorts

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Make Satin Shorts Your Next Quarantine Wardrobe Update 

As spring gives way to summer, our quarantine wardrobe should reflect the changing temperature just as it would have in life BC (before coronavirus). While this might have once meant reaching for denim hot pants or a ribbon-tie summer dress, we’re now lusting after pieces that offer maximum comfort with minimal effort. The end of lockdown might be slowly coming into view, but we’re not sure our newfound appreciation of comfort dressing will be leaving us anytime soon.
One solution for this new style school of thought? Satin running shorts. Their glossy finish offers a touch of glam refinement, but in terms of comfort they are the warm weather equivalent to a tracksuit.


Madleen Kane in 1979.

© Daniel SIMON

So, how to wear these short-shorts? As ever, the Scandi girls did it best, first. Model-turned-musician Madleen Kane was a champion of the look in the late ’70s, and her approach is still worthy of note today. Instead of a sports bra and running vest, add a vintage T-shirt or crisp shirt. Trainers are fine, but cowboy boots are more fun. Or do as Carrie Bradshaw did and wear them with a heeled mule. 

Carrie Bradshaw in running shorts in Sex And The City

© Cohen Diane L/Sipa/Shutterstock

They’re great stay-at-home wear for right now, but these shorts will also be perfect for the beach when the time comes – just add a bikini and your favourite Birkenstocks. Alternatively, dress them up for a night out with pals by teaming your shorts with a sequin or two. Reference this iconic look from a pre-royal wedding Kate Middleton — just leave the knee-highs to high society and sub in a ’90s-inspired sandal. 


A 26-year-old Kate Middleton arrives at a themed roller disco in 2008.

© Antony Jones


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