Why Baltini is A Perfect Place to Unveil Your Inner Italian Style

Italy is the true home for pleasure seekers and luxury hunters. Baltini is here to bring the fashion capital right at your door.

Who wouldn’t love the over-the-top embellishment of Versace? The seamless tailoring of Armani? And, oh, how about the uncompromising leather goods from Prada or logo bags from Fendi? The Italians love statement looks where more is more, and we are here to cater them to you—all the way from Italy to the States.

Baltini is a New York-based luxury fashion e-commerce dedicated to offer in-season and authentic fashion pieces from our partner boutiques in Italy. Even better—we give you only the best price you can get. Have you ever dreamed of finding the same luxury item at 35% off from the retail price? At Baltini, we make this dream come true.

Since 2019, we established ourselves as a one-stop destination for curated Italian fashion pieces available for both women and men. With more than 100 recognized brands and over 50,000 luxury items inside the trunk, Baltini managed to create a seamless shopping experience without a single scratch. Our meticulousness goes as far as ensuring every boutique partner to adhere our strict quality standards. We certainly would not ship anything less than what you see on the website. After all, we have been through years of extensive research and experience to actualize your values as customers.

Like the Italians, our mission is not to fulfill but exceed your expectation with a bold statement. Unveil your inner Italian as we uncover our one-of-a-kind shopping experience. You will not regret it.

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