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The elegant Queen Elizabeth II from her coronation to her last

By Faela Shafa
Queen Elizabeth II is one of the longest reigning British Queens. So many iconic clothing styles has she created.

Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday, September 8, 2022, Balmoral Palace, United Kingdom and all British citizens and the world also mourn. In addition to good leadership, one of the things that many people remember is the way the Queen dresses.

Although lately her iconic style is wearing a dress suit with a hat, but if you look back, so many iconic styles have been chosen in fashion.

1. Her luxurious dress at her coronation as Queen

Queen Elizabeth's fashion style throughout her life was so iconic, one of which was when she was officially crowned when she was 27 years old. The Queen herself wore a dress made by British designer Norman Hartnell.

The dress was made of white satin with embroidered emblems of England and the Commonwealth Nations. The gold color makes the dress look luxurious and exceptional.

2. Long jacket and printed scarf

With her baby, Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth was seen wearing a 3/4 coat in lemon. The fashion statement she did in 1958 was to wear a fur scarf with a leopard motif.

3. Plump dress with light color

In 1963, the Queen was seen wearing a peach-colored dress with plump accents in the hip area down.

Her hair was scrambled to expand meanwhile, the stacked pearl necklace giving it a luxurious impression. This necklace was often worn until her old age.

4. Coat flowery motif and headpiece match

During her visit to Malta in 1967, she looked very stylish with a long coat of floral motifs in pink and green. She is also seen wearing one of her favorite brooches, the Cullinan V Brooch, made by Garrard in 1911.

Completing the style, there is also a headpiece made of 3D flowers. Sweet!


5. Yellow dress and turban

Queen Elizabeth is a lover of light colors. It is evident from her bold choice of clothes. Just look at her visit to Mexico in 1975.

She wore a bright yellow summer dress, complete with a matching-colored turban.


6. Flowery dress with bold motif

Queen Elizabeth II has also appeared wearing a floral dress in blue. In the arm area, you can see the details of the ribbon that make it look sweet.

What never forgotten is, the two-stacked pearl necklace that is the Queen's trademark. Her appearance is in line with her daughter-in-law's outfit, Diana, who is next to her.


7. Her appearance with the most colors

The Queen's visit at the Royal Variety Performance in 1999 left an impression until now. Arguably, this is her brightest fashion style.

The queen wore a sequin top with many light colors and in a patchwork motive. Meanwhile, the bottom is a bright yellow skirt with silver motive details.

Not wearing a pearl necklace, the Queen chose a diamond necklace that matched her bracelet and earrings.


8. Luxurious and elegant appearance

During the State Opening of Parliament on November 15, 2006, the Queen chose luxurious and elegant clothes. She wore a dress with pure white beaded details. On her shoulders, a thick fur scarf of the same color is pinned. On her head, pinned the crown of George IV.


9. Night gown with Royal look

In 2012, the Queen was seen attending a Royal Variety Performance at the Royal Albert Hall. At that time, she was wearing an evening dress with a luxurious gold color.

The shoes are metallic in color, matching the handbags. Meanwhile, she chose a diamond necklace to perfect her style.


10. Her Appearance at the Platinum Jubilee

In June 2022, the Queen attended a Platinum Jubilee celebration for her from the Office of the Major General. On his special day, she wore a dove blue colored suit.

On the clothes, you can see the details of white pearls and decorations in the fabric. This dress was made by Angela Kelly. This dress made of Charmelaine's wool gives a fresh impression in her photoshoot.

Those are some of the fashion styles of Queen Elizabeth II throughout her life. Although she has passed away, her fashion style is still an inspiration.

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