Customer trust is a priority for us at Baltini, which is why we pride ourselves in working with authentic brands you can trust. We guarantee that the items you pay for at Baltini are genuine, authentic, and in the best condition.

It’s Easier Than Ever to Shop with Confidence

We understand that buying luxury online can be overwhelming as it may be difficult to tell whether the items are authentic.

But here is one thing Baltini makes sure of: Quality.

Our Authenticity Process allows customers to shop with confidence and with the assurance that they will get 100% quality goods. We offer 3 layers of processes to ensure authenticity for our customers:

  • Strict Screening of Partners

    We work directly with high-end luxury boutiques across Italy that are 100% authentic and authorized to sell. Baltini has a strict screening process to ensure every partner boutique is reviewed and up to our high standards of quality and service. We require each boutique partner to sign a contract affirming that merchandise sent to customers will be authentic and in great condition. We also review our contracts with designer boutiques to verify that they are still in good standing with manufacturers according to our contract requirements.
    We do not condone the selling of counterfeit products, and our boutique partners are subjected to immediate removal from our platform and are heavily fined if they ship products that do not meet our requirements.

  • In House Experts

    We have a team of experts who bring their years of experience in luxury item identification to verify and inspect all products. Our specialists have undergone expert training and will examine everything, including the stitches, serial number, date code, engravings, material blend, color, and many other things. All items go through thorough inspection and testing to ensure they conform to the highest quality standards as promised by the manufacturer.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

    Your trust is crucial to us, and that’s why, despite our strict authentication process, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee in the highly unlikely event that you receive counterfeit items. Please note that only proven claims will be eligible for this guarantee.

You can always reach out to us at if you have any concerns regarding the authenticity of the products purchased.

Thanks for shopping at Baltini!



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